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Transit times

Considering the distance of 6.387 km from Frankfurt to Almaty with several borders to be crossed, our average transit time of 21 days is a remarkable achievement. Below you find the average transit times and distances from Frankfurt/Main to several destinations.



Transit times




19 Tage

4.862 km



21 Tage

6.387 km



20 Tage

5.578 km



18 Tage

5.251 km



16 Tage

4.607 km



19 Tage

5.858 km



20 Tage

6.113 km



18 Tage

5.632 km



22 Tage

6.482 km



14 Tage

4.147 km



34 Tage

10.876 km



24 Tage

7.511 km



18 Tage

5.492 km



16 Tage

6.456 km



10 Tage

2.474 km



13 Tage

5.664 km



17 Tage

5.055 km



13 Tage

3.884 km



17 Tage

5.180 km



16 Tage

3.967 km



28 Tage

11.628 km



12 Tage

3.329 km

Transport safety

  • Containers: House-house without re-loading
  • Container placement door-to-door on the freight car to prevent pilferage
  • On-time departures of the trains
  • Short transit times (e.g. Frankfurt/Main – Almaty: 21 days)
  • State-of-the-art tracking
  • Regular position reports of every container shipped
  • Mandatory security guards on Russian territory
  • Armed security guards can be requested to accompany high-value goods throughout the entire route within the CIS.


Accompanying documentation for container transports to the CISBased on governmental instructions, freight- and accompanying documents (transit declaration, import customs declaration) are closely examined during border crossings at Malaszewicze/Brest and Zahony/Chop.Every irregularity, implausibility or case of incomplete or missing documentation results in hold-ups and time- and cost intensive extra work.It is therefore very important for exporters to gather information about the import and transfer regulations covering their merchandise and to strictly adhere to them.Please keep in mind that the consignor/freight payer is responsible for compliance with these regulations.We want your transports to continue to reach their destination fast and without complications.To assist you we enclose a checklist for you to verify that the prerequisites for trouble-free transport are given.The information included therein is based on current data available in reference to the requirements imposed by CIS authorities.These requirements may change on short notice.We therefore cannot guarantee that the information provided is up-todate. Please also refer to the respective chambers of commerce and/or foreign agencies.Please carefully note the points listed below:

Shipping documents per container

  • For each container: One commercial invoice or other documentation (commercial contract) that discloses precise information on the commercial terms and conditions and the merchandise shipped
  • – see below for more details.
  • For shipments with "humanitarian aid", "diplomatic effects" or "personal effects" (removal goods): A detailed list with information on the exact value as per commercial invoice.
  • Depending on the type of goods: Certificates of analysis- health certificates – permits issued by governmental bodies (Belorussian Ministry of Ecology, Russian Ministry of Ecology, Russian Atomic Authorities, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry or Ministry of Commerce, and/or Ministry of Ecology and Atomic Safety, etc.)
  • Import/transit licenses and permits for goods referring to the above (e.g. refrigerators, spray bottles, air conditioners, tyres, alcohol, tobacco, etc.)
  • Deposit receipts for goods and transit routes requiring deposits (e.g. Ukraine, Kazakhstan)
  • Veterinary certificates and import and/or transit permits for products of animal origin.
  • Phyto-sanitary and/or quality certificates for products of vegetable origin.
  • Letters of permit for transports of hazardous goods.
  • If necessary: Delivery receipts for CIS rail stations which are not registered as container terminals.


Commercial Invoices, Commercial Contracts

The following details must be observed and the required information must be provided in commercial invoices/contracts:

  • One commercial invoice/contract per container.
  • In Russian, German or English, (or with a translation into Russian).
  • The document must be legible and must contain the following data:
    • Container number.
    • Precise description and complete address of shipper and consignee, with information on the person of contact.
    • Number and date of the commercial contract
    • Number and date of the commercial contract Consignee’s OKPO-code (8-digit code as per "Russian Classification of Firms and Organisa-tions") as well as INN-code (10-digit code = identification number of the tax payer).
    • Date of manufacture of goods
    • Delivery terms (Incoterms).
    • Type of packaging (colli, crate, carton, bottle, can, etc.) and re-packaging if required (e.g. 10 pallets with 12 cartons each, etc.).
    • Number of pieces per type of packaging, filling capacity for vessels (e.g. 20 pallets x 20 cartons x 10 bottles = 4000 bottles of 0.7 litres each).
    • Alcohol content for alcoholic beverages or mixes.
    • For motor vehicles: Cubic capacity of motor, motor number and chassis number.
    • For combustion engines: Cubic capacity and motor number.
    • For tiles and flooring: Number of square meters.
    • Unit price and single weight per packaging unit.
    • Total price.
    • Gross and net weight of container load
    • NHM (HS) code (minimum of 6 digits) for each type of merchandise, respectively TNWED code (= CIS customs tariff code).
    • Nomenclature of merchandise, corresponding with the definition in the NHM-(HS) listing, in German or English (or with Russian trans-lation).
    • Number of excise duty stamps, their series and numerical order (for excisable goods).
    • Total invoice amount in USD, EUR or CHF.

    • In case packing lists are included with the commercial invoice they must contain the following:
      • NHM (HS) code of each type of merchandise.
      • Definition of the nomenclature in accordance with the NHM (HS) listing.
      • Weight per collo or packaging unit. Total weight

We urgently recommend writing the commercial invoice/contract as well as the packing list in tabular form. It simplifies and expedites inspection at the border.


All documentation accompanying the transport must contain identical and legible data. Any discrepancy or implausibility – however minor – results in unnecessary hold-ups and stringent, time-consuming and cost intensive examination of the goods by customs authorities. 
We appreciate your compliance.

Order processing

What needs to be done?

The following information must be given to InterRail:

  • InterRail’s quotation number under which you wish to book
  • Exact address of loading point as well as time and date of loading
  • Number of containers to be shipped
  • Destination (rail terminal) in the CIS
  • Do not forget to provide the vendor with instructions concerning documentation required for shipments to the CIS. They must be included with the shipment.

Once you receive the booking confirmation from InterRail, please verify whether the loading date will be kept exactly.At present we require for the supply of the container(s):

  • approx. 24 hours in Germany, Benelux and Austria
  • approx. 36 to 48 hours in Italy, France,Great Britain, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary
  • from the moment you make your booking

Please inform InterRail about the actual number of containers shipped, including the container numbers, date of loading, nature of goods, number of colli, weight and the destination in the CIS.

Make sure the shipper hands all transport documentation over to the trucking firm or the staff at the rail terminal, and please fax copies of the paperwork to us.

Lean back and relax – things are taking their course


To be able to determine the position of your container en route to the CIS at all times, we have developed an ultra-modern tracking system.

From the moment the container passes the CIS border, you are provided with position reports of every container you shipped with InterRail– at the interval of your choice. Next to the container number you see the number of the CIS.
freight car carrying your container, the number of the SMGS Bill of Lading and the status of your shipment which informs you whether your container is moving trouble-free or whether trans-portation is disrupted. 

Every interference report is an alarm signal for us. The very moment you receive this report our team is already working on the solution of the problem.

Container dimensions

Measurements / Type: 20' DC 40' DC 20' OT 40' OT
Gross weight (kg) 24.000 30.480 24.000 30.480
Payload (kg) 21.750 26.480 21.750 26.480
Tara (kg) 2.250 4.000 2.250 4.000
Volume (m³) 32,5 66 31,8 64
External dimensions:      
Length (m) 6,058 12,192 6,058 12,192
Width (m) 2,438 2,438 2,438 2,438
Height (m) 2,591 2,591 2,591 2,591
Internal dimensions:      
Length (m) 5,890 12,010 5,890 12,010
Width (m) 2,330 2,330 2,330 2,330
Height (m) 2,370 2,370 2,320 2,320
Door opening:        
Width (m) 2,320 2,320 2,320 2,320
Height (m) 2,280 2,280 2,260 2,260
Roof opening:        
Length (m)     5,770 11,725
Width (m)     2,205 2,205

Measurements / Type: 40' HC 40' PW 40' PW HC 45' PW HC
Gross weight (kg) 30.480 34.000 34.000 34.000
Payload (kg) 26.280 29.900 29.850 29.050
Tara (kg) 4.200 4.100 4.150 4.950
Volume (m³) 76 70,1 79,1 88,4
External dimensions:        
Length (m) 12,192 12,192 12,192 13,716
Width (m) 2,438 2,484 2,484 2,484
Height (m) 2,895 2,591 2,896 2,896
Internal dimensions:        
Length (m) 12,010 12,010 12,010 13,532
Width (m) 2,330 2,426 2,426 2,426
Height (m) 2,694 2,370 2,694 2,694
Door opening:        
Width (m) 2,320 2,360 2,360 2,374
Height (m) 2,585 2,280 2,585 2,585
Roof opening:        
Length (m)        
Width (m)  


For the following HS-Codes will be charged extracosts from the CIS-railways

- on the CIS-stretch:

28045090, 28049, 28054
7106 – 7112, 7115
74…                  except 7401, 7417, 7418
75…                  except 7501
76…                  except 7615
78… - 81…        except 81052
8302, 83079, 8309, 8311

- additional on the belorussian stretch:

2201 - 2208
2705, 27090010, 27090090, 2711 – 2713, 27149000, 2715, 2721 – 2749
3102 – 3105
340319, 340399, 3404
381121, 38241000

- additional on the ukrainan stretch:

1601 - 1605