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Congestion in the transit area on the Mongolian – Chinese border

Due to the railway of the Hohhot city does not accept any train at Erlian station causing increasingly difficult to transport empty containers for Ulaanbaatar Railway.

However, we are paying particular attention to the neighboring railways in order to enhance the transit and transit transportation of the container trains, and to extend our cooperation in the interchange of road trains and other related areas.

The train congestion causing by following reasons:

  • For the train with wood and wooden cargos, which are coming from Russia with 5 to 6 final destinations, during transit period in Mongolia, we need to arrange all cargos with 1 final destination takes up to 8 days.
  • Logistic companies are carrying container trains 2-3 days before the scheduled arrival, leaving the empty wagons on the gauge, asking to reload the wagons from several locations causing 450-550 empty container congestion in Zamyn-Uud station every day and increase the reloading time and additional costs.   
  • In the case of increasing container congestion in Erlian station, China Railway started to refuse to accept border agreement which accepts two transit container trains and two export container trains. In the last four days, China Railway didn’t accept any no container trains.
  • Current congestion situation in Mongolia – 913 wagon- 29 container train and at Erlian station 280 wagon – 9 container trains are waiting for further transport.